Friday, 23 March 2018

How to inspire every child to be a lifelong reader ...

Ideas Worth Spreading
These are some of the ideas that I am trying to practice in class, and
I know that these practices help motivate and change my students'
attitudes toward reading.
  • Regular reading
  • Regular spelling test/check
  • Regular writing / summarising of the book

And these are some of the ideas that I adopt and plan to use during my reading lessons.
I am currently using them all but I think I need to spend more time on planning the
questions and prompts to use. I have a library corner in the classroom and children
are using it as they wish. Taking them to the library more often will also be a focus
for this year.
  • Teaching and learning should be two ways - co-creative of knowledge
  • Child friendly corner for children to read - could be done anywhere - as long as it connects children to reading
  • Children looks for a book that will make them laugh - if relevant, a male models into early reading literacy

Have a listen and I hope this video inspires you!!

Friday, 16 March 2018

What if all teachers had high expectations for every student?

Watch this short video - it's about teachers with High Expectations,  using flexible groupings, and creating warm classroom climates.

You could use this as a focus for your inquiry.

Classroom Rules - Post #2

Sometimes repeating rules and routines to new entrants can be a little too much, especially finding the right time to repeat & reinforce the rules. As a PB4L school, we decided to display those rules  & routines in a way that everyone (teachers, relievers and students etc.) entering the classroom follow the rules easily.

Here are  visual displays of our classroom rules & routines.

Goal: for everyone to be able to read and follow routines quickly.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Active Learners - Room 1

One of the things we have agreed to work on is about being an 'active learner'. We talked and discussed this topic with the class and this is the result of what my students have agreed on. (refer to the chart below)

We will try our best to follow this and act on it every day.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Glenbrae School Values

We unpacked and talked about each of our school values every day. We provided examples, and identified situations / senarios for each of the values. 

Refer to the chart above for details of each value. 

We use the language of respects to help our students identify what they need to do. 

For example, "we respect our environment by making sure that our rubbish is going to the correct rubbish bin everyday".